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What Is a Car Registration?

Car Registration Without Driver’s License

Upon registering a vehicle with a government department of motor vehicles, or DMV, a vehicle owner receives a car registration credential, certificate, or document. There are different types of car registrations, such as ones that are valid for one year or multiple years. Registration can be renewed as needed by car owners.

Each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia require drivers to register their cars. In general, a car registration provides information about the make, model, and license plate number of the car, as well as the name and address of its current owner.

Why There is a Need to Register Your Car?

As per national law, car owners across the U.S. are required to register their new/used vehicles with their state’s Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The registration could be valid from one year to multiple numbers of years and car owner-drivers can renew it before the validity of the registration expires.

As you all know, driving vehicles without registration is a gross violation of national law. And if you are caught by a traffic inspector, you may be charged a hefty penalty. While some states do allow drivers to drive cars with invalid registrations for up to 5 days, others do not.

How To Register A Vehicle Without A Valid Driver’s License?

To register a car, which is owned by you, submission of some type of photo identification or ID proof along with the application form is necessary. When you don’t have a driver’s license, you can provide a copy of your passport for this purpose. But make sure you are also attaching copies of one of your utility bills and sales bill (invoice) or any other purchase document if it is a used car owned by a third party.

You can purchase and get a new/used car registered in your name or even renew existing vehicle registration online despite you not having a valid driver’s license. Little need to worry even if your driver’s license has been revoked for whatever reasons. We can help you with the car registration process!

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How Long Will It Take To Register A Car For The First Time Or Renew Car Registration?

It hardly takes an hour’s time or even to register a new/used car with the state DMV. But in most states, drivers may be required to be present in person for initial registration at local service centers. But car registration renewals can be done online although the process takes several minutes.

Is It Possible To Register A Vehicle Online?

As mentioned previously, the majority of states require car owners to be present in person for their vehicle registrations. Only a few states like Nevada allow drivers to register vehicles online at local car dealerships. However, for renewing car registrations, most states permit car owners to renew their registration online.

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