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can you finance a car without a license

Can You Finance Car without license? What you should know

If you are thinking of car finance without license, You only need to give your state ID. Besides, technically speaking neither lender may ask for driver’s license for providing car financing nor insurer for insuring your car. However, you might face problems with the vehicle’s registration with the state DMV.

Here is where you will have to provide copy of valid driver’s license. To that effect, when considering purchasing a car without license, you can think of getting it registered in somebody else’s name that has a valid driver’s license.

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Car Finance Without Drivers License - Give Better Convenience

Without a valid driver’s license, car shopping could be difficult. Most of the car dealerships may not permit you to test drive cars. To avoid such a situation, you can contemplate taking a licensed driver with you to local dealerships for test driving vehicles.

Based on the driver’s experience, you can select a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. And if you are considering financing a used car then it could be vital for you to make sure that the vehicle is in a perfect running condition by engaging the services of a competent ASE certified and experienced mechanic.

Do You Need a Driver's License to Finance a Car? It's Easy If You Do It Smartly

Having selected a vehicle of your choice, in the next step, you will have to get it insured before you approach various local lenders for getting it financed. Most of them may not be ready to offer car coverage unless you show them the proof for insurance. And some might refrain from providing you finance for your vehicle if you don’t have valid driver’s license.

However, ValueAutoLoan can still assist you to get finance a car without license which is easy to manage and sustain all along the loan term. Use our professional services to get behind the wheels today!

car finance without a driving licence
where can i finance a car without a license

Expected Challenges on Car Loan No License

  • No test drives - Car dealerships usually, don’t allow unlicensed drivers to take test drives. It is important that you must know that prior to visiting nearby dealerships. This is because there is likelihood of an unlicensed driver meeting with an accident while on a test drive resulting in damages.
  • Skeptical sales reps - Car sales representatives may appear sceptical towards drivers living in neighbourhoods which have substantially higher crime rates. When unlicensed drivers visit dealerships for buying cars, reps often perceive that such category of individuals are likely to commit some crime or use vehicle for other illegal purposes.
  • Certain extra costs - When planning to get a vehicle on finance, you need to make sure there are no extra costs in the form of extended warranties or shipping fees to deliver car at some specific location. These can add up to the overall costs of the financing loan
  • Car financing delays - Your inability to get loan financing for your car could be because of not having valid auto insurance coverage. This can take time to process your car loan request as lenders ask for details of insurance policy. Therefore, without driver’s license, the going can be tough.


No drivers license car finance doesn’t have to be that difficult. We can make your sailing smoother! Apply today!

Explore Main Reasons To Finance A Car Without License

You can get car finance with no license required and own a vehicle even if you need a personal driver to drive you to different destinations. You only need to make sure that the driver has a valid driver’s license to drive your vehicle legally on road as per law
You can finance a car without drivers licence if you are required to take your close relatives such as your father, mother or spouse for regular medical check-ups. You can also get vehicle finance despite not having license for dropping children at school by engaging services of a professional driver.
Affordable auto loans with no driver's license could also be made available to owners of business for transporting employees to their workplace and back home. And depending on the type of business, you can even secure loans for financing delivery vans to carry goods or food items to various locations.
Documents Required To Finance A Car Without License

To get you fast approved for car loan without license, you need to provide documental details of the following requirements.

  • The total amount of loan required for financing a car.
  • Information pertaining to your social security number or SSN.
  • Copies of some very recent paystubs that shows your pre-tax income.
  • Name of lien holder and total pay-off amount if you are applying for refinancing.
ValueAutoLoan can help you to get fast connected to top rated lenders in your neighbourhood that offer car finance no licence needed programs within a span of few minutes. All you need to do is just submit a copy of your provisional driver’s license along with your auto loan application.
Nevertheless, if you are a young unlicensed driver, your credit profile can still affect your chances of qualifying for car finance without licence.
To improve your probability of obtaining an early auto loan approval, it could be better if you get your auto loan finance co-signed by a person who has good credit history. You can apply jointly and get approved.

It could be much easier to get approved for a car loan no license program if you have already applied for provisional license but are yet to appear for the test and pass it for getting valid driver’s license soon.

Need a car? Having no license? Little need to worry, we can help you to get a car financed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying a down payment is not a requisite condition for financing a car with no driver’s license. But it is a borrower’s Loan-To-Value (LTV) that lenders consider granting a car loan approval without a driver’s license.
Although it is possible to get a car financed without a driver's license, you will face great difficulty in getting the vehicle insured. To tide over the crisis, you can apply for a provisional license if you attained the legal age and proven the ability to pay installments on time.
Yes. You can finance a car even if you don’t have a driver’s license but such a proposition will solely be at the lenders’ discretion. Lenders review applicants’ personal/financial information provided in applications for making decisions.
The internet could be the right place for finding lenders that specialize in providing auto loans without driver's licenses. ValueAutoLoan has such specialized car loan dealers in its nationwide lending network that provide such loans.

Auto Loans with No Driver's License

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