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What's a Tote the Note Dealer?

A tote-the-note dealership is an agency that sells and finances cars. It is a car lot that is popular for providing in-house financing. These car dealers serve as a good option to buy cars for borrowers who have subprime credit.

The process of getting approval is fast and easy. You don’t have to wait to get approved. Banks run credit checks and that leads to delays in loan approvals. Tote-the-Note dealers do not run credit checks.

However, they sell old cars and offer financing at high rates. You need to shop extensively to get the lowest auto loan rates.

Reasons to Consider a Tote the Note Dealership

There are different reasons for buying a car from a tote-the-note dealer on finance. These could be as follows:

  • Poor credit score – Most lenders will check the credit rating of an applicant to approve his auto loan application. It takes time for lenders to run credit checks and assess the lending risks. But tote-the-note dealers don’t run credit checks and so, getting a quick car loan approval is easy.
  • Recent bankruptcy – If you have been recently discharged for debts through a bankruptcy filing, it will be hard to get a car on finance. Traditional lenders may not approve your auto loan request. But tote-the-note car dealerships can.
  • Car repossession – A recent car repossession can prevent you from getting a new loan. Your credit score will be affected due to the repossession of your car. But a tote-the-note car dealership can still approve you for an auto loan.
  • Need a car urgently – If you need to buy a vehicle immediately then approaching a tote-the-note dealer is a good idea. You don’t have to go to traditional lenders as they have a long approval process. It is possible to get the lowest and the best interest rates if you have a good credit score.

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Why Bad Credit Car Buyers Choose Tote-The-Note Car Lots?

Tote-The-Note dealerships help borrowers that have bad credit to drive cars of their choice. Besides, they also provide financing for the old cars purchased from their lot. There are no credit restrictions to get a loan for purchasing a vehicle. Even if you have bad credit, you can get auto loan approval. To sum it up, at tote-the-note dealerships, you can:

  • Get a quick car loan approval despite your having bad credit
  • Choose the right auto loan repayment term as per your budget
  • Buy older cars that have good mileage and advanced safety features

To find the best tote-the-note car dealerships, use our online services today!

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